Gliding and Glider Flights In Cerdanya Spain

One popular thing to do in Cerdanya is to take flight in a glider.  You can bring your own or you can take flight with an instructor.

Check out the Cerdanya gliding video below.

Here’s a link to the airport ( aerodrom de la Cerdanya ) in the area.


You can find prices for gliding at the following link:

Cryptocurrencies Trading

It took us a while to really understand what cryptocurrency trading was all about, but once we realized that it is (pretty much) just like trading stocks using an online broker we understood the concept.

trading bitcoin for goods and services image

Not only can you buy stuff with Bitcoin when you travel – you can buy (invest in) other alt coins too.

Is Bitcoin Real Money?

It was hard for us to get our head around the fact that people are valuing this new fangled “digital money” just like real money.

After all – if one has a certain cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin they can exchange it for cash (at an ATM) in some locations and for goods and services at others.

We wrote a short article about cryptocurrency a while back.  You can see it Here.

Being interested in gambling by nature we are interested in diving in to the cryptocurrency markets and see if our skills can make us consistent money – time will tell.

More to come.

Cryptocurrency Takes Center Stage

It wasn’t too long ago I penned a few words in an article about cryptocurrency – see it Here.

Is Bitcoin (and other altcoins) Here To Stay?

bitcoin travel newsSince that time I have been wandering around in the world or alt coins/digital money/cryptocurrencies and I have to say that this new world is an amazing thing, much like the early explorers of the Cerdanya region must have thought.

Much like real estate that simply exists, I have to say that cryptocurrency is going to stay around.  While it may (and most likely will) change over time – just like the ever changing flora and fauna of terra firma – this new technology of “money” will change as well.

New Things In Alt Coins

I found a couple of up and coming sites that have quite a few interesting things regarding Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.  I’ve have linked to them below so you can check out what’s going on in the “crypto realm”.


In the future I will update with more information that may be useful for those who are curious about this new way of moving “property” at the speed of light.

It won’t be long (it’s already possible to a certain extent) before one can travel with no cash, no credit cards, no traveler checks, etc.  Only a link to the “cloud” where one’s digital money is stored – and merchants who will accept it in trade for what they have to sell.  Have you seen that Expedia now accepts Bitcoin?  Interesting stuff