Gear For Camping And Hiking in Cerdanya

Have you ever thought of taking a trip to go camping and hiking in Cerdanya Spain?

camping gear including flashlight image

How Much Gear Do You Need When You Go Camping?

Whether you are planning on roughing it, or simply relaxing in Cerdanya, the right kind of camping and hiking gear will make all the difference to whether or not you enjoy your time in this beautiful area of Northeastern Spain.

Choose The Right Gear

Choosing and buying the perfect fit in camping hiking gear is the most important step in making your outdoor vacation a success as you may want to set up a cozy camp that has access to simple hiking trails or be up for more severe hiking cuts and thus attune your gear to your activity-mood and scope!

Going For Comfort?

Those looking for comfortable camping outings need only pack in perhaps the following: portable shower, camp-stove, a water cooler, tents that are easy to set-up, the ultra-comfy sleeping bag variety that comes fitted with air mattresses beneath for extra comfort and most importantly a flashlight whether big or small like the much praised Bite2Lite Flashlight.

More Adventurous?

The more adventurous campers may like to rough it, so to speak, and opt for trails through demanding terrain besides also choosing to cook and sustaining themselves off the land. This kind will need more than the fundamental camper’s kit in camping hiking gear that is both functional and easy to carry so they aren’t bogged down by the load!

camping in cerdanya in the wintertime imageWhat’s The Climate?

The season you intend going camping in is of crucial importance as is the climate of the camping grounds and availability of water; inhabitants of the camping site and its geographical offerings are vital for pre-planning and buying your camping and hiking gear.

What About The Wildlife?

Those intending to stationary set-up camp with day hikes in nearby spots need to pay as much attention to considering safety equipment and survival tips to safeguard against encountering wildlife. To stay safe from wild animals, store food in locked containers and never leave remnants of a meal as an invitation for the four-legged inhabitants of the campgrounds.

Campsites Available?

Campers staying on an unofficial campsite are advised to obtain necessary permits for setting up camp in such an area and learning the rules of the outdoor holidaying game besides informing emergency contacts about their hiking itinerary.

Don’t Forget Your Phone

A cell phone is a handy device and also, an essential camping hiking gear support accessory that helps you stay connected with friends and family, but be aware that service can be spotty in certain areas – it’s best to check ahead to see whether or not your mobile phone carrier services the area.

Going Light?

When camping and hiking in Cerdanya, Spain you require lightweight options (some weight less than 5 pounds!) in portable tents (2-person variety is the best), extra pairs of socks (wool socks are best) to prevent moisture (wet feet, uck!) from ruining your trip.  If you have wool socks your feet will stay warm(er) even when wet.

Boots For Hiking

Hiking shoes that have been ‘broken-in’ are best for taking as part of dependable camping hiking gear supplies as they do not cause blisters and awkwardness in walking.

Distribute the camping hiking gear and equipment load equally between your hiking partner and yourself so neither is over-burdened besides checking for items you will be individually packing and carrying – to minimize chances of duplicating cookware and foodstuff.

Bring The MRE’s

A smart way to cut down on carrying large loads on your back is to opt for Ready to Eat meal-cans (e.g. Sterno) that require simple heating up before serving.

Campers open to hunting, trapping and angling need related equipment and the lightweight camp stove to cook the catch on, besides carrying packaged food items that don’t need to be refrigerated.

The More You Do It The Better You Get

The tough part of a new camping enthusiast is mostly related to learning about what necessitates the essentials and what are the extras that will weigh you down in the pre-camping hiking gear buying mode.  For subsequent trips, however, this task becomes easier if you hang on to the checklist from the last time you went camping!

While your are in the area why not check out some other adventures too, like glider flights or some of the other nice places to visit in northern Spain?

Cryptocurrency Takes Center Stage

It wasn’t too long ago I penned a few words in an article about cryptocurrency – see it Here.

Is Bitcoin (and other altcoins) Here To Stay?

bitcoin travel newsSince that time I have been wandering around in the world or alt coins/digital money/cryptocurrencies and I have to say that this new world is an amazing thing, much like the early explorers of the Cerdanya region must have thought.

Much like real estate that simply exists, I have to say that cryptocurrency is going to stay around.  While it may (and most likely will) change over time – just like the ever changing flora and fauna of terra firma – this new technology of “money” will change as well.

New Things In Alt Coins

I found a couple of up and coming sites that have quite a few interesting things regarding Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.  I’ve have linked to them below so you can check out what’s going on in the “crypto realm”.


In the future I will update with more information that may be useful for those who are curious about this new way of moving “property” at the speed of light.

It won’t be long (it’s already possible to a certain extent) before one can travel with no cash, no credit cards, no traveler checks, etc.  Only a link to the “cloud” where one’s digital money is stored – and merchants who will accept it in trade for what they have to sell.  Have you seen that Expedia now accepts Bitcoin?  Interesting stuff


How To Take Your Casino With You When You Travel

In a recent post on this site we talked about the popularity of casino travel tours.    As you might imagine what these are are (oftentimes) a package priced bus tour of the many casinos in a given geographic area.

These packages are priced for the budget minded and it makes sense that they are relatively inexpensive because you are traveling with a group of like minded people.

But what if you don’t feel like traveling with a crowd?

mobile phone casinos and poker rooms imageI want to talk today about the advent of cryptocurrency and how it is changing the landscape for gamblers and casino operators alike.  Most land based casinos don’t really like the idea of cryptocurrency (at least at this time).  Crypto is competition.  Let me explain.

It wasn’t too long ago that internet casinos and poker rooms were such a threat (real or imagined) to these big money casinos that the operators of them were able to convince their buddies is high places (read government) to pass some laws and effectively get them outlawed in the USA (and some other countries – but not all by any means).

The Market Has Spoken

Most people have heard of Bitcoin and even Litecoin, but did you know that their are now over 100 different crytpocurrencies?  Now some of these “cryptos” won’t last a year – some won’t even last a month – but there are some (such as Bitcoin and Litecoin) that seem to be here to stay.  And many people are using them for transacting business outside the scope of the regular banking systems.

Anonymous Gambling Anywhere In The World

The online casino and poker room websites are catching on.  Some of them are now starting to accept bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies for gambling.  This is a boon for all of those people who were effectively shut out of online gambling after the now famous “black friday”, when the USA government shut down the big name operators.

What this means is that if one wants to learn how to gamble online anonymously (or on their smartphones) they will have to learn how to acquire and use cryptocurrencies responsibly and safely and not get scammed.  It is possible, and in a future post we will talk more about how to do this.