What to wear when traveling in a cool climate

Packing is quite a hectic job while making arrangements to travel in a cool or especially – a cold climate.  The luggage is quite heavy and it is essential to include sufficient stocks of warm clothing and accessories especially if the tour destinations are new for the traveler as one never knows what to expect.

cold weather travel clothing tips

It is important to plan ahead when you are going to be traveling in colder weather.

Research The Climate Of The Area

One must always consider the climate of the region before deciding on what to include in the list of clothing for winter.

In cold countries, there is heavy snowfall during the winters, hence wearing items such as high quality winter jackets, often a long coat, and woolens along with footwear to cover the entire feet and keep them warm.

If your are traveling a tropical country then a couple of sweaters or a light coat is going to be sufficient, unless you will be going into the mountains.

What Should I Bring?

While climate is the key factor, yet the purpose of the tour is another important issue to decide on the type of clothes to pack.

If it is a mere holiday tour then including casual and fancy woolens is a great idea, but if it is an official tour then formal wear is necessary. Apart from formal wear, include the items such as heavier footwear that will keep your feet warm and dry in outdoor locations and the journey to and from the place.

Here are some garments which are of great help in cool climate.

Travel Garments

Heavy furry long jackets are suitable for wearing while traveling in outdoor locations during heavy snowfall. In cold countries wearing multi-layered clothes is a common practice.

Such dressing includes double layer tees, shirts, cardigans or a  heavy sweater covered with a jacket or one of the many different kinds of wool coats that are available.

Wool coats, sweaters and cashmere keep the body warm under extreme chilling whether. While wearing jeans, it is necessary to wear leggings underneath to retain the warmth. Full length jackets are extremely important for external locations.


Footwear items are heavy and difficult to carry yet they are vital for safeguard against chilling whether. To ease out the packing problems, pack the lighter ones and wear the pair which has the maximum weight. This will also provide more space for storage of other essentials and the heavy footwear is also suitable for wearing in outdoor locations.

Always include woolen socks for better protection of the feet. Winter boots that are waterproof  prevent the feet from contacting moisture and gives a complete dry feeling. The long boots are preferable for retaining the necessary heat to keep the feet warm.


In addition to the basic warm clothes it is necessary to include accessories such as woolen gloves, hats, and scarves if you are going to be traveling in cool whether. Cashmere is one of the finest materials for scarves and the hat. The silk scarves also give good protection in moderate temperature.

What About Cotton Clothing?

The fabric such as silk and cotton are preferable materials for the garments and give better resistance against cold when worn under the woolens. Try to keep the body covered to the maximum extent to avoid the cold. While buying the hat always ensure they are able to cover the ears for protecting the sensitive glands and the entire head.

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