All About Cerdanya

Cerdanya is a wonderful area to travel.  Many people like to pass through this region while on holiday or vacation as it has a wide variety of things to do and places to see.

Area of Cerdanya on map imageIt has a land area of 419 sq miles that is divided almost equally between the two countries (France (49.7% and Spain 50.3 %).

It has one of the lowest population densities that are found in Europe with 24 residents per 63 sq mile.

Solar Industry

It has a well developed solar panel Industry thanks to the high amounts of annual sunshine it receives. There are very many pioneer large scale projects that have been developed in a number of locations such as Mont- Louis and Targassonne. Cerdanya however mostly depends on tourism to support the economy.

image of yellow train in Cerdanya

The Yellow Train is a Popular Site in Cerdanya.

The Yellow Train

There are numerous attraction sights and interesting activities to take part in to have a good time here. It presents some of the best spas, skiing and hiking spots.

The yellow train is also a very popular sight.

This is a fascinating metre gauge railway that goes to Mont Louis from ville-franche-de- confluent.

It is powered by electricity and has both open and closed cars. The open cars are loved by tourists as it allows them to enjoy amazing views as the train tackles a twisting track to its destination.

World Heritage Sites

Cerdanya also has a number of UNESCO world heritage sights that you will love. This includes things like historic quarters of modern towns, cave art, monuments, gardens and nature reserves. This allows visitors to marvel at interesting architecture.

All the heritage sites are exceptional and unique and a lot of effort is put towards heir conservation for future generations.

Some of the sights that should be on top of you’re to do list include:

Segovia aqueduct, Roman temple to Diana, General Archive of the Indies and Church of San Julian de Los Prado. Other interesting sights that you can view in Cerdanya include palaces, castles, monasteries, cathedrals, gorgeous gardens, museums and so much more.

Waking around the streets also reveals a lot about the commerce of the place as you watch different people trade various items to make a living.

Modes Of Transportation

There are different modes if transportation that you can choose getting in and around the place. Most travelers however prefer to use hired cars as they are able to take in the beautiful scenery as they move from one point to another.


There are also very many restaurants where you can sample delicious local and international cuisine. As you travel to Cerdanya, it is important to try and make accommodation plans before you arrive. This ensures that you don’t get stranded once you arrive at the place or miss a spot in your favorite place.


There are different kinds of accommodation where you can choose from luxurious hotels (check out Puigcerdà), resorts, low budget rooms and even camping sites depending on the one you prefer.

You can work with tour companies to find you something that suits your preference and budget to enjoy your vacation in the place without too many complications. Cerdanya also offers great shopping spots where you can get souvenirs to remember your trip.